The Event & Hawaii Five-0: Will We Be BFFs or Frienemies?

Starting new relationships is never easy, whether with people or
television shows. You see that new prospect in the glance of a promo
that piques your interest and immediately you think of all the past
relationships that went oh so wrong... and the others that so worked
out. You make the fateful decision. Will you steal away with this new
one for a rendezvous? Possibly even putting your steady, reliable on
DVR hold for your tryst? The new is all unknown and excitement. Full
of nothing but great expectations. It could be another great time. You
make the date. You tune in for the pilot & it's better than pretty
good. You adore it. Sure, maybe it's the drinks you've had that help
to gloss over the fact that this may not be a perfect union afterall.
You rationalize through the cringeworthy that it's just the first date
and it could work itself out. As time goes on though, you find that
you're the one doing all the real work in the relationship. You make
the excuses. You're annoyed when the story they're handing you tests
the limits of your credulity because you can tell they didn't even
take time to bother to tell you a cohesive story... or they think
you're an idiot that's unable to remember details from week to week.
Either way, it's not a good sign. And sometimes, they pull things that
make you wonder if they're bipolar because it seems they clearly don't
remember what they say from week to week. But, if you're like me, you
don't bail... like many others do. Because you've put in time and you
need to see it though. Now you're caught in the bad relationship where
the only thing that's going to set you free is the Network Cops who
can issue your new and highly flawed STS (significant tv show) a
sentence of cancellation from on high. And when they do, you'll simper
a bit but know deep down that it's for the best... because you hadn't
the strength to walk away on your own, no matter how dysfunctional.
And then comes the summer and you're out again after having consoled
yourself with lots of time with your steadies because they fulfilled
all their promises to you & were granted an additional season. You're
flipping though channels or driving on the expressway and you see
another new promo. And you're back at square one.

Tonight is the premiere of NBC's The Event and I'm going to tune in.
Of course. Please don't let it pull a FlashForward on me... I'm still
not fully recovered from the frustration & annoyance.

And in other television news, I'll be tuning in to CBS for Hawaii
Five-0. That's right, it took Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park to even get
me to remotely care about a show on CBS (yes, I am still annoyed about
Jericho). Someone must have clued in that Lost + BSG= Awesome... or
that since my weekly John Cho dose is gone (FlashForward) I'd need
something else to sigh over. So, for now, thank you to CBS. Here's
hoping that if I love it, the rest of the CBS core audience doesn't
hate it so I don't have to endure another heartbreak like Jericho...
or Harper's Island.

I need to catch up on Rubicon & Mad Men as I missed them last night.
Football got in the way. Sons of Anarchy is still so perfect &
Jax/Tara are crazy awesome. Tara is a woman I understand. When her man
brings the crazy talk, she simply tells him he's not making sense,
rips a room apart & then brings it all back around by basically
telling him that they're both getting off the crazy train he bought
tickets for. Oh, would that Zoey & Nicole have been the same type of
chicas that could have broken it down for the men in their lives,
possibly FlashForward could have had a future that I would have cared
to see. Clay/Gemma still make me go squee. The Jax/Opie bromance gets
me like Adama/Tigh always did. Love. I still want Stahl to pay but I
don't want her gone. She's my SoA version of Lost's AnaLucia. I can't
believe Hale is gone & I don't trust his bro one bit. Shady
McBackstabber... I just know it. Okay, so I've one little question...
Where the hell is Otto?! I miss him & still kinda miss Luanne. And I
still miss Half but the SAMCRO casket he was sent off in was crazy

So here's to the hope held when about to embark on a new show. May it
be more awesome than cringeworthy & more kickass than WTF?! And should
it fall short, let the pain be numbed by the cable networks which
never fail to deliver.

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  1. I love Hawaii Five-0, I'm actually watching it right now! I hope they don't stop making it, that would be a big disappointment.