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Inside Out (Insider, #1)Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quite enjoyable. The action really picks up at to 50% mark. I did find the sector recitations a bit difficult to keep straight & could have done with a schematic to visualize it. The mention of sector & quadrant designations meant virtually nothing since I couldn't work it out spatially. But in some ways, not having it did help to keep me as in the dark about Inside, Gateway, the Gap areas & how all these pieces fit, as the characters trying to work it out.

Trella was a great character & narrator who truly grows as the story proceeds. I wanted her to trust earlier but it was easy to understand that given her experiences & world, she was doing so on pace. After I accepted that, I settled right in & went with it. The secondary characters are well drawn for the most part, except our "villans". I'm assuming this is because we are following Trella's POV but I hope that we're given something more than "Travas want ultimate power & are evil" as the ultimate reason for their actions, as the series progresses. Most of the guys in the book are written well, Cog, Riley, Jacy & Logan, but I very much wanted Trella & Anne-Jade to forge at least a closer working relationship. I thought that there was room for more than just one chica doing very plot-relevant things & all the good bits Trella skipped didn't need to be the just domain of the guys. The ending was exciting & the cliffhanger makes me want to read the next in the series.

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