my yarn pile

Do you see this? This is my yarn procrastination pile.

I love beautiful skeins of yarn & I often tell myself that I'm going to make this or that scarf just for me. As you can see, that isn't so much what's been happening. It wouldn't be so bad if these were cheaper yarns but no, I have a thing for the sort that can run about $46 a skein. I jump for joy at the $22 range & buy another. So, I have decided that before this year is out, I am going to use at least five of these to make wearable items just for my very own. No more archival yarn shelf for me. Well, not such a brimming one at least. ;)

1 comment

  1. haha :D
    I understand your emotions. Though I must say, you have got a vivid collection of yarns. A picture tells a thousands words, nice collection :)

    Best wishes on the task at hand :)