Review: Seduced in the Dark

Seduced in the Dark
Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like 3.5 stars (a little higher than the first). I wrote a lengthy review on the first book so this one will be very short. Again, this was worth the read. I certainly went in hoping that Livvie was away from the Flower Auction & Caleb & that wish was granted with an in-patient setting & Agent Reed & Dr. Sloan. What follows are revelations of the time between where we left off in the first book & the current book (four months have elapsed) & an investigation to intervene on the traffickers & liberate those taken as slaves to be sold (I was really invested in this part). Livvie is painful to abide with but worth every word as she grieves the loss of Caleb & her life. Still, she maintains a clear & determined voice. There's an investigation that I was extremely interested in & more about Caleb's past comes to light. And no, I still didn't change my mind about him from book one. My acknowledging that those who committed crimes against him needed to pay in no way negates my wanting him to pay for his. Maybe that makes me limited because that prevents me from losing myself in the story. Even so, the story is about Livvie & her being able to forgive him in her immeasurable depth of love so Caleb doesn't need me.

I could have been perfectly thrilled had this story ended at chapter 26 but it doesn't. Chapter 27 happens & I suppose that's to be a "Happily Ever After" for those who have invested in the "love story". I'll say this, I applaud the author for trying. It's very well written & I can see how it's a perfect ending that way. Caleb said he knew he would never be redeemed & he accepted it. And also that in the end, what's done is done. I agree with him on those two points.

I'm glad I read the series because it was interesting & provocative. I still don't feel the romance, love story or the sexy but it is definitely a worthy read by a talented author.

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