CAUTION: The Only Common Thread Is Me

I'm a bit vexed. We didn't get anymore snow! We instead received ice & freezing rain. Totally blows. Ah well, what can you do? Make things, read, package orders, consider next marketing strategies & read. Not exactly a life not worth living. :)

One could also watch LOST.

I should say now that I do not ship. It's just not my thing & believe me, when I watch a show the last thing I care about is who's schtupping who but if it's handled well, I can live with it. And by handled well, I mean, it doesn't overtake a storyline and become the lynchpin of a female character's existence. I expect writers to do a better job
writing women than to relegate them to that level & it's always a letdown when it happens. It seems to happen a lot. I'd rather everyone shag & move on but that whole "relationship" thing is harder to finesse. Because of this, I tend to begin rolling my eyes whenever any scenes in a show start going down that road. And I did last night while watching LOST. Whenever the Jack/Kate/Sawyer thing presents itself, I want out but last night may have been the best it's been handled yet. This isn't to say I now care ultimately which she chooses or that I think it's any less pathetic that either guy is willing to take such treatment from her, but at least my eyes spent more time on the screen than rolled back in my head. It was what I'd consider a very good ep and since it was Kate-centric, that's enough to make believe the writers have reclaimed their plot mojo. One more thing that made last night's ep good was possibly the best Locke moment ever! He lost his shit & it was crazy excellent!

In other news, these are my Viper Jockey version my BSG inspired gloves in Carbon & Six Red. I'm running low on those neat vintage brass buttons I bought on Etsy but I just won almost a gross of Liz Claiborne brass buttons on eBay for such an amazing price, I'm a happy woman! I've drafted my husband in as a hand model. He's really honored. :)

And now I'm going to end this post. I've more to say, so I guess this will be a multi-post day. On to coffee for a mo'. :)


  1. Tell your husband he is a fantastic hand model. I just knew it was a professional. lol.

  2. A fellow LOST addict - how glorious! Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog and for visiting. Wonderful wrist warmers!