Books In The Post & Adiós Comandante En Jefe!

As one of my goals for the year is to read all Dune books, I have a few to add to my almost complete collection. This weekend these two arrived from the SciFi Book Club & I couldn't be happier. Only one problem. I've no more room on the shelf. And now I'll have to do something with the entire Science Fiction, Humor & Cooking sections as they're all on the same bookcase. I think that's a weekend project. :)

In other news, Comandante en Jefe is now just a comarada. That's right, Fidel has stepped down & by all accounts, his little brother Raul is likely the next in charge. Don't get your revolución up just yet though. Not much has really changed. It's more like a lateral move with an option of hope. Raul's a bit less stringent on the economics and that may actually be good for the populous. The sad truth is that until the old guard are basically dead or some other way mentally inert it's not likely that liberty or freedoms will be an active part of the daily lives of Cubanos. So while the United States is desperately seeking a change agent, let's keep a thought for others yearning for the same rights that we have. The most important of all to be able to complain, loudly... in public... about everything! We'd not likely be who we are without that right & it's beautiful. Vivo esperanza!


  1. Good Luck on your reading! Something I need to do more of.

    I just read that about Fidel. I was just surprised he had stepped down that I hadn't even thought about what it meant.

  2. Can one have too many books?

    Interesting about Fidel...thanks for that update

  3. There's truly never enough time to read! Gah! There can never be too many books, I think. The trick is to figure out how to live with them. :)

  4. My husband is working his way through the Dune books right now, too. I was surprised that it had made it to almost 30 without reading them. We also watched the old 1984 movie version and the newer SciFi Channel miniseries for him to compare and review on his SciFi website. 1984 Dune, with Sting, is just awesome in it's own special way. But, of course, completely different than the books.