The Etsy Site Is Allergic To Me Today. Whatev.

Oy-friggin-vey!!! I have been trying to list on Etsy for like, an hour and it keeps kicking me out! I keep getting a "Can't connect or locate server on". Of course, it's just Etsy because everywhere else I want to go online is all kinds of quick and happy. Oh well, these things happen. I suppose it's good in a way. If I can't list with ease, can you imagine what people who are trying to shop are going through? Egads!

Anywho, hubby and I went out to lunch at our favorite tiny Chinese restaurant & it was, as always, sublime. A stop by my favorite local yarn shop was amazing & I bought a ton of bamboo & organic cotton yarn. And let me say, it's really sad when you spend more on yarn than your weekly grocery bill. :) Oh well. I'm terribly excited to use it but I have some more fingerless gloves I'm working on (some for Etsy & some custom orders off).

Since it's Saturday & Netflix is my friend, we're up for the next installment of Jericho:Season One tonight. The pizza is in the fridge & the wine is chilling now. I can't wait! T (the hubs) wanted to watch last night but we held firm to the Saturday night. Will we find out where Jake has been for the last five years? What is the deal with Mr. Hawkins? Where is Shep? Will Emily find her fiance? Will Heather keep crushing on Jake? Will April find out her husband, Eric' has been cheating with barkeep Mary? Will the people from the crashed planes surface?

I'm counting on having a few things answered because this isn't LOST.

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  1. I think yesterday's Etsy meltdown had us all in a frustrated panic!