My Brain Is LOST's Bitch... Again!

I don't even know where to begin. It's like Season 1 Lost all over again... just without Boone... and Shannon... and Walt... and Michael... and Charlie.

Well, it's been a long 100 days on the island and into every freaky jungle a few Others, polar bears, boars and a little death & betrayal will fall... or run. Whatever. The point is that it's exciting as all hell once again and it makes me sad that the show went so off the rails for a season & a half. It's not that they couldn't do excellent, it was there but they futzed it for a bit. Makes me wonder if Cuse & Co. started to believe their own press too much and went batshit. But I digress. My point is , IT ROCKED! LOCKE ROCKED! SAYID ROCKED! HURLEY ROCKED! AND IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!

I'll say now that if there are any spoliers I absolutely need to talk about, I'll white them out and if you want to highlight, have at it.

I am a dedicated devotee to my long lost and loved Boone. I'd have rolled with Locke from day one and most likely would have followed Boone up into that heroin plane. A rear view in his Diesel jeans would have been reason enough to sacrifice my life. ;)

I loved Sayid from the beginning & still do.

I started off liking Jack but now, not so much.

I hated Shannon from the crash & held to it... but I loved her character & was pissed when she died. How's that for dichotomy?

I hated Sawyer but now, not so much.

I loved Hurley from the beginning and still do.

I liked Kate briefly but never really very much and that's remained the same with ebbs and flows of annoyance.

I was always indifferent to Claire and have to admit I still am.

I hated Jin & now I think he's absolutely cool.

I loved Sun, then not so much, but I love her again.

I liked Charlie, then I hated him & in the end figure he wasn't such a bad bloke. It's a shame when death has to be the thing that does that for you.

I always thought Walt was a really cool kid and I still do... even though I'm not so sure he's a kid or what anymore.

I hated Michael, then I liked him (he blew away Ana-Lucia that's reason enough) but then not so much and now I just don't know what to think. I think they need to bring him back and give me one more chance to decide. :)

So here we are in Season 4 & there are even more characters to decide & obsess over. Ben's so sketchy that I still don't know exactly what to think. Juliet seems okay but who can ever be sure. And the Freighties? Don't even get me started on them...

So how are you feeling about Lost? Past, present and now... future? ;)


  1. I agree with you every bit even down to the characters. I thought they had lost it, but not it seems they're back. Yay!

  2. Lost is the most exciting tv show in all of television history!! I am Lost without it..hehe!
    I love how it goes to flashbacks of the characters and then the flashforwards. It really makes you think, and try to figure stuff out! I get so antsy waiting for the next episode! Yah for Lost! and i'm gonna miss Charlie!! He was so sweet and endearing. I won't miss him singing though! ha! Funny though, i don't have crushes on any of the guys! I always hear women gushing over the men of Lost! It seems the older i get the less lust-struck i am!

  3. Yay, jewel! So glad to know I'm not alone in my feeling that they'd gone nuts with the story! I can't wait for Thursday night now!

    Tricia, when they did the flashforward in the S3 finale, I was so
    annoyed! I actually told my husband I was done with it. They'd gone too far with the whole thing and I was getting off the tarmac! :D It's a good thing they had such a long hiatus because it gave me a good long time to forget. But when the S3 finale reaired I didn't think it was so terrible afterall. So either it wasn't so bad or all the teasers I'd seen for S4 were so good that I was curious and willing to have my mind bent again. ;)

    I still have to count SciFi Channel's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica as the most exciting show evah but I'll take a good ep of LOST any day! It's back and it's great, so let's hope they keep it together. Only 45 eps till it's over for good. ;)

    Oh yeah & with regard to crushing, I only adored Boone (but it was really a holdover Ian thing) so after they offed him I've been crush & ship free. :) In fact, the whole crush/ship thing is the least interesting aspect of the show for me. Besides, when I had Boone to moon over, it occurred to me that there was no regular access to showering facilities and while cozied up that beard would be really itchy & a rainforest/jungle is most likely not the best place to kick down and shag what with the boar, Smokey, polar bears, Others and who knows what all lurking in there... not to mention sand and all manner of insect. :D It'd have to be true love to be bothered! :)

    Locke is my fave & though I don't crush him, I'd be right behind him on that crazy island!