When Crochet & BSG Obsession Collide & Weekend Recap

It's been a long time coming and finally, it's happened. I've seen one too many episodes of Battlestar Galactica. I've been on the forum talking about Helo, HeadSix, Anders, Romo, Kara & Dee. I've made too many correlations between the characters Baltar & Roslin in their run for the President of The Colonies to the current Presidential race. When your husband mentions that "Wow. It's like Roslin & Gaius got married" and you agree wholeheartedly as you watch Hillary and her spouse... it's pretty clear you've been too long at the sci fi geek table. Cringeworthy.

Possibly others would take this as a sign to back the hell off but not me. No, I take it as a sign that the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is just so finely crafted a drama that after a viewing one is so pulled in that it's virtually impossible to extricate oneself... if ever such a crazy idea were to pass through a mind. So, I sat down and decided to finally do a series of my hand/wrist/arm warmers inspired by the series I love so much. Granted, they can be worn by anyone & familiarity of the show is totally not a prerequisite, but it sure makes the names more fun if one's familiar with the show. My
buttons were purchased from UrbanRose on Etsy & I only wish she had more but at least it gives me the opportunity to find more. :) So here's what I've come up with so far (though I haven't pics for all yet... it was a busy weekend):

  • Colonial One: The quintessential arm warmer. Elbow length (or more, if you're a short chica like me) & solid color with brass buttons. Just the thing to have if you're hanging with President Laura Roslin or if you're a real life office worker. Seen in the second pic in Gunmetal & here in Lt.Colonial Blue.
  • Fleet: These are my husband's favorite for some reason. Just like the Colonial One edition except in color combinations. Possibly what you'd want to sport the colors of your favorite Pyramid team, the colors of your colony or anything else. The Fleet edition is the more casual and fun but just as functional. Shown on the right in Tylium Yellow & Colonial Blue.
  • Opera House: No pics yet. There may be a few versions of this one. We begin with the Symphony Edition inspired by the music of BSG by Bear McCreary, specifically Passacaglia. Made of a special yarn and with a different look & different accents than the others. It's super top secret, so I can't say more than, they'll be long enough to cover the wrists.
  • Viper Jockey: No pics yet. Short, fingerless gloves with brass buttons (because pilots would have them). Unisex though some come in more feminine colors. Just what Kara might have worn when she crashed and had to make repairs on that Cylon raider to get the frak off that planet.
  • Knuckle Dragger: Short fingerless gloves without buttons. Also unisex. Deck workers don't get buttons, for fear they'll get caught on anything while they're doing maintenance on a bent bird. Chief Tyrol may not need a pair but his hardcore wife Cally might. Shown to the right in Colonial Blue.
  • Caprica: I've been watching the series since the pilot & even I pine for flashbacks of Caprica. Space is dark & cold but memories of the Riverwalk Market in Caprica City are what inspired these gloves. Mid-length, fingerless gloves with brass buttons. Just the thing for shopping, driving or just being generally mod as you go around. Remember CapricaSix & her stroll on her way to see Gaius? Yeah, she should have had these. Shown in the first paragraph in the color Passion.
  • New Caprica: No pics yet. It was a rough time on New Caprica and most likely these would have come in even more handy. Just like the Caprica edition but without brass buttons... because times were hard and Cylon occupation sucked.
And in other news, my Valentine's weekend with my husband was phenom & those cupcakes from FatDaddyBakeShop were a huge hit!

We also watched out fair share of dvds which I won't enumerate. I'll only mention our new favorite show... Jericho! We were totally & happily surprised. I'd meant to get around to watching it when it the series originally aired but... well, it's on CBS and I never get around to CBS. Then I missed it on OnDemand. Then it was cancelled. I wasn't happy. It looked like a cool idea for a show. But the dvd came out & I added it to our Netflix queue. We were just bummed that we didn't order the whole set at once because we're totally hooked. And of course the new season of Jericho is airing and we don't want to watch because we don't want to be spoiled since we're so early in but we don't want the viewership to be so low that they don't get renewed again. And I only know one Nielsen family... they were already viewers. Just my luck. Anyway, our biggest mystery is what is up and who is Mr. Hawkins? Does Mayor Green really only have the flu? Where in the hell is Shep & the people in the planes that crashed on the roadway? And where was Jake for those 5 years... 'cause he's got quite a varied and useful skill set.

And I've totally said more than enough for one blog post. I'm going to make a latte now. ;)


  1. Too funny. Thanks for the morning giggle.

  2. Hah. I love when geekery meets crafting. It's a beautiful thing :]

  3. Thanks for all the comments! :D I was totally carried away & am still having fun making them!

    tizza, somehow I knew the pink would speak to you. LOL :D