Writing & Storms Contemplation Over Coffee

I need a writing day. Desperately and absolutely. Of late, SKO has taken over more of my time and really has put me off my usually very well scheduled self. I've not written in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! It's no wonder every time I look at the Moleskine stack on my desk or glance at the file folders on my laptop, I sigh wistfully.

So, they say a storm is moving our way & those are always the most fun to write during. I'm seriously on the wrong side of the country. I need perpetual Pacific NW weather... but then, SKO would likely fall by the wayside. *sigh* In the meantime, I'll need to continue to endeavor for balance.

I've brewed a huge pot of coffee & am watching the seagulls fly around outside as the clouds & sun fight it out. I don't think the sun will win today. I've a book on my right and a skein of yarn on my left.

I think I hear my muse knocking.

The omen is good.


  1. I love that post. I haven't seen a seagull in months. They must've all gone to your house.

  2. I love this post as well. It makes me really want to quit my boring office job so I can have more relaxing days filled with coffee and rain storms and crochet. Sigh.

  3. Thanks to you both! :D It was a phenom writing day & my only regret is having let it get away from me for so long. :)