This Is Why Ferris Needed A Day Off...

I just had to grab the camera & capture a couple shots of the sunrise! I want to just jump in the car & drive over to Ocean City, MD! Luckily, it's going to rain later today but what a beautiful way to begin a day, yeah?

Now to write... or crochet? Hmmm. I think I'll start with coffee & see where the mood takes me. :D



  1. If you drive to OC, let me know. I'll meet you. I'm like 15 minutes from there. I can probably get us a good deal on a restuarant.

    Beautiful sunrise pics.

  2. Gorgeous photos! The bottom is my favorite I think. Wish I was crocheting right now instead of pushing papers, but it's Friday at least - Yay!

    (Though am mourning over Jin today - what a bummer!)

  3. Jewel, I didn't wind up going to OC but I'll keep in mind that you're just around the way when next I cruise through. My MIL lives in Rehobeth & we summer in Lewes, so we're all over that area usually.

    t, thanks for the complements! I can't even tell you how shocked I was about Jin but still totally moved by Sun having their baby! I wept.

  4. very beautiful pictures of the sky! I am jealous. It has been cloudy and rainy here and no sunsets to enjoy!