Billie Jean Was Right! Fair Is Fair!

My birthday was on the 7th & today I'm supposed to be taking the day to celebrate with my husband... and tomorrow. Funny how my birthday is turning into a birthweek celebration but that's a whole other thing.

Anyway, there's a very distressing issue taking place on Etsy and I've just got to blog about it. There have been changes to the Search function. Granted, this was desperately needed and while it's certainly helping me to find exactly what I'm looking for more readily (and I'm sure others) it's also putting a great many sellers at a distinct disadvantage.

Vintage & Supply sellers have reported virtually halting business which is being attributed to the Search function now defaulting to Handmade items instead of All items. It strikes me as unfair that they've been cut out of the default because they've paid the same amount of money as those of us who sell handmade. And the reason given that Etsy wishes to focus on handmade doesn't make that pill any easier to swallow. The focus is fine but that doesn't justify the unfair default search. I'm not sure why this point is unclear to TPTB but I do hope they explain soon (the server issue thing does not suffice, btw).

In the meantime, please be sure to tell customers that there is indeed a drop down menu & an option to choose to search ALL items when they wish to browse & shop.

We're all a part of Etsy and shouldn't sit idly by while any of us seemingly falls by the wayside. Fair is fair & we've all paid the same amount of money to list so search access by default should be equal.

Fair Is Fair!

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  1. Yes, I agree about that issue. Change is not always good. I don't understand the reasoning for doing this. But Etsy has their reasons I guess.
    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!