Okay, So Here's What's Up...

Dude! It's Summer!

It's beautiful outside and all I want to do is run out and enjoy it. And there's so much work to do also for Autumn/Winter for SKO. So what's a chica to do? Work her phalanges off, obviously! And read the stack of books on my desk. ;)

This little blog o' mine has been beyond neglected and I'd like to say that I'm really repentant, but I'm kinda' not because I've been quite productive other ways. I've found that unfortunately, I'm a mere mortal and actually do need to sleep and have fun every once in a blue. Go figure. ;)

And why am I mentioning this at all? Because it's seriously important and I've actually a point. I'm going to spend the next month or so on a blog tour and commenting on those I come across. All kinds of blogs all over the intarwebs. And I won't be making any updated posts on this little blog during that time. I'm doing this for a reason, btw.


To basically see what other people have to say & how they say it. I'm thinking it'll be fun and maybe even a little inspirational to me when I start to post updates here some time in the second half of July. So, if you happen to be one who's stumbled here on some random chance and want to leave a comment for me to check out a cool blog or your own blog, please do.

Happy Summer!

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