Back From The Beach Vacation...

It was phenom & I'm ready to get back to work. I bought some amazing yarn at the local yarn shop in the beachside haven and I can't wait to get to work with it.

Here are a few shots from our trip. We absolutely love the hotel we stay in every year & even got to be in Southern Living Magazine this year, as we were asked to sit for a few photos on our trip last year. :)

Here's Thomas at the desk. I adore the elephant chairs in front. They've always made me think of Hercule Poirot. ;)

Here are a couple of shots of the hotel lobby. I love the decor & have in the past actually crocheted on the sofa. There's an antique shop & an art gallery in the front of the hotel before you reach the lobby. I forgot to take pics of those this time round. No worries, I'll be there again next year.

Our room this year. I meant to grab one without my handbag & a stack of the hubs clothes on the bed but I was overtaken by the love I have for this boutique hotel. Each room is themed a little differently though it's subtle. We had a Greek Key theme that presented itself in a few places and was really nice in the palette of browns that were used. The zebra print pillow was a nice touch too.

Seriously the coolest air conditioning unit I have ever seen. It opens up like a butterfly & is so silent one tends to forget it's running. the people at LG rock hardcore with the Art Cool.

So here's rush hour in downtown Lewes. That's Thomas in the center on the street on his way back to the hotel after his morning stroll down to the beach. The marina is just beyond him in the background.


  1. oh, i love a good hotel room! :-)

  2. Just out of curiosity...where is this? I would absolutely adore going to this adorable to share?