Busy But Reading!

I've been working my ass off but still getting in some writing & a good bit of reading. I seriously am loving Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'. I just can't tell if Wanderer or Melanie is my favorite female lead. Ha!

Also, I've finally begun the Private Series by Kate Brian. I'm just on the first book in a collection of 4 that I picked up & it's quite good. I'm not one to give away plots or anything but I can see already that these characters are a bit more nuanced than a lot of YA characters. I appreciate that & wonder if that's why the series itself has had such a long run, with something like 16 books (I think).

I'm also glad to report that 'The Dark River' by John Twelve Hawks was just as phenom as the first in the series! I read the first one in 3 days & had a similar experience this time out with TDR. So now I'm awaiting the third installment with much anticipation because the cliffhanger has left me startled. Each of these books end like an episode of 24 or The Shield. Your adrenaline's all amped up & then it just cuts to black leaving you only to cry outloud, "Seriously, WTF?! Gah!"

In other book related news... I found the second installment in Duncan Sprott's series 'The Ptolemies'. I've been searching for this book for a couple years after having read the first in the series of the same name. Well, thanks to search on Alibris.com I found it! 'Daughter of The Crocodile" is the book & I'm all about getting it by next week. I've checked around and it seems that it was never released in the States & I can't imagine why because the first was amazing. I just can't wait to get it into my hot little hands & fall into it again.

That's all for now, I've got to get on. ;)

Keep reading! xoxo

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