Sunday Afternoon Chillax

Ahhh, it's a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. The hubs is watching a baseball game & I'm working on a red Evie hood. Basically, it's just the kind of day a Sunday should be. Yesterday we were at the Delaware State Fair (pictures forthcoming this week) & not only had a great time but tired ourselves out. It was all totally worth it. ;)

Not much going on with the tech/online side of SKO today. I've pulled some more yarn from my stash that I'll list to destash this week & I need to finally start organizing the things I'm going to send off to the real world of retail in August. Additionally, I've got to at least begin photographing the new scarves for the Autumn/Winter season.

Tis all for now, I'm making a very nice salmon later for dinner so hopefully it's photogenic enough to make for a neat Chewing Chica post.


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