Thursday slump? Have a cupcake!

Temptation Row: Red Velvet Trio
Originally uploaded by smittenkittenorig

While Wednesday seems to be the general slump for many, I find that Thursday is the day that gets me. I always need a little extra motivation to push through. Today's pick me up is this little pic of cupcakes. And I'm sharing it because joy is about the little things & when they can also come calorie free, it's a mitzvah!

Make it a great day!



  1. mmm those look like red velvet cupcakes alright :D They are my favorite kind of cake and that just looks so good. I do have a little fact that may keep anyone from eating the cupcakes tho lol

  2. They're truly perfection aren't they? :)

    Okay, what's your fact? It's not relative # of mouse hairs or some such thing is it? Tell. :D