What's Up @ The 'Tique & General Miscellany

Things are getting busy already! :D I'm always in the midst of making something so that doesn't really count so much as part of the busy thing. But, I've a good deal of merch that I need to tag & label to get off to consignment at the end of the week. Additionally, I've a list of Evie Hood Cowls (online particularly in Grey & Eggplant for some reason) & Samantha Infinity Scarves that need to be made as well. They're flying away online and IRL so I feel like I'm constantly behind on stock for those. That can't be helped and is totally a good thing so I'll keep plugging away. :) I also need to get more pictures done & update my Flickr with my vacation shots not to mention my product pics. I keep telling myself I'll get to it

Also, I should know by the end of the week if I'll be able to participate in FiberFest. It's October 10th in Snow Hill, MD, but I need to make sure my sched is clear for that timeframe.

In non-'tique business, I have had a smashing idea for this year's NaNoWriMo & can't wait to get down more of my ideas for it. At least I've plenty of time this year to think about my characters & plot since we're already many months out. I have to thank my Twitter peeps for mentioning it & prompting me to get on. The idea though was totally a lightbulb moment & I could totally see how it's all going to go down. I'm so excited!

That's all for now. More dispatches from between the skeins & words later.


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