Yarn Creation Confection Follows...

Oh yes! It's all about the pretty with this custom Samantha & Evie for a fabulous customer of mine. She gave me the incredible opportunity of working with some phenomenal yarn.

The Samantha turned out perfectly. Apparently the 2-ply alpaca yarn actually rolled on it's own ever so slightly when I was making it, so the end result is just that much more lovely. It is seriously scrolling naturally. I just love that. Additionally, I extended the circumference a bit & made it just a little wider than the usual Samantha design. Mostly in an effort to counteract the 2-ply thinness but still achieve the same drape & warmth. It seriously all worked out.

There was additional yarn left over & I made this Evie as well. Posh yarn should always become a posh something or other, so Evie was a good decision. The drape of course is somewhat different than the usual Evie but it's just as sleep and very beautiful.

Anyway, it seems my adventure in yarn is not quite over as my customer has found another yarn from Irish Meadows that she's loving and would like to have made into an Evie. I'll be sure to post about that bit of posh yarn when it arrives. For now, enjoy the sumptuousness.


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