NaNoWriMo Approaches

And I've got a good many things done in preparation for this month long noveling frenzy.

Plot- done
Characters- done
Subplots- still honing two
Title- done
Cute little banner- done (up at the top of this post. Yay!)

Now the only thing I'm on the outs about is the format in which to tell this madness. Okay, yes obviously you could say "As a novel, duh." But the thing is, I think I don't want to tell it in the same novel format as usual. I'm feeling more like I want to tell it in a more c
reative way. A series of vignettes in which my characters do what they do while the plot emerges organically over time, maybe. Or maybe a huge number of ficlets with the same end. Unified but still somewhat standalone.

I need to have a think.

It's almost November, do you know where your plot is? Go find it & also make sure to drop in at the NaNoWriMo site. I'm Anissa over there.

Besos! xoxo

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