What I've Been Up To: Striped Infinity Scarves

So it's pretty clear that I'm an infinity scarf addict. Love them,
love to make them & love to wear them. Anyway, I'd been wanting to do
something a little bit different with them so I came up with striped
versions. No-brainer, right? I love them & one of the best things
about them, they're even more versatile with dual complimentary
colors. The grey & black was like, the ultimate for me because it's
two of my favorite colors & pretty much goes with anything in my
wardrobe (not that the same couldn't be said for a good number of
other people). The red & black was inspired by Helena Bonham Carter's
Queen of Hearts in Burton's Alice In Wonderland. It also kinda reminds
me of Halloween & Freddy Kruger but that's not macabre at all. Right?

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