This Week On FlashForward: Boy With Bad Timing Kisses Girl, Girl Kinda Freaks, Boy Isn't Sorry

Okay, first the major squee moment happened on this week's
FlashForward: BRYCE KISSED NICOLE! And it wasn't some lame kiss, it
was of the face grab/cradled variety. It reminded me a little of
Ben/Felicity.... *sigh* good times, but I digress.

It was perfect in execution & all I could say was "OMFG Bryce, Frakkin
Finally!" This of course was after my husband and I had been going
back and forth about whether or not this date they were on was in fact
a date or just an outing between friends. He was sure Bryce was not
only still clueless about his own feelings but also with regard to
reading Nicole all this time & that dinner was just dinner between
platonic friends. I considered the source this opinion was coming from
and decided that while entirely wrong, it was understandable. My
husband was a Bryce at one time and seemed to be under the impression
that I was spending all my free time with him simply because I liked
him solely as a friend, so much so that he was surprised when I
accepted when he asked me out on a real date. Having had this history,
I remained steadfast that Bryce has clearly been in denial but
somewhere inside, he's known that the platonic ship foundered on some
jetty a while ago, so all that needed to be done was wait for him to
just own it and see where it takes him.

It took them to Little Tokyo and their usual good banter complete with
Bryce likening Sea Urchin to "eating someone's thyroid" (we aren't
going to wonder too long about what late night drinking game in Med
School helped him come up with that example, mkay.) and Nicole
refusing to explain to him what a Magwai is. I'm simply horrified he
lived such a deprived childhood that he never saw Gremlins, but that's
a whole other thing. Anyway, at the core of all this banter was
Flash-girl Keiko (whom they're referring to by name now, though they
never firmed that it was indeed her name, but I won't nitpick), who
unbeknownst to Bryce/Nicole was actually inside the restaurant with
her new boss and friend Emil (he helped out Dylan Simcoe on Halloween,
remember?) kicking back a few sakis and chilling in general. Back
outside, Bryce pretty much puts the kybosh on the sushi for dinner
thing and Nicole asks him what he wants to do instead. There's this
sweet look that passes and then Bryce goes in for the kiss.

Sublime. Epic. Squeeworthy. *le friggin sigh*

I could swear that Nicole is having one of those toe-curling moments
for a second or two and then she comes to her senses and freaks a
little and goes on about Bryce kissing her while he's thinking of
another woman and she's just not down with that.

My heart sinks just a little as I yell at the television "OMFG NICOLE! COME ON!"

And then I miss some things, because now I'm yelling "BRYCE, you're
awesome BUT YOUR TIMING IS FOR SHIT!", but catch that there's some
awkwardness between the two of them and some kind of mutual agreement
that they'll just move on like it didn't happen & instead of sushi,
Bryce is to take Nicole out for a burger. And if the rest of this date
isn't fic worthy then nothing is.

Okay, so many other cool non-Bryce/Nicole things happen... and frankly
some not so cool things (ICE Agents, anyone? GRR!) and then we get the
last moment of the ep on the Bryce/Nicole front. He calls her the next
morning (gets voicemail) and starts to apologize for having kissed
her. I'm immediately sure that this will be the moment my ship runs
aground. But Bryce stops in the middle of his apology and says he's
not sorry at all that he's kissed her but he hopes that they're still
cool. And the look on his face was just so adorable. *le sigh* I took
a moment to think about Nicole's face when she listens to his message.
*le sigh again* The ship still sails!

So now the ball is in Nicole's court. Here's hoping next week they'll
realize they've found One Love in each other. And better timing for
both because April 29th is fast approaching & I'm still hoping Bryce
handcuffs her to him that day no matter what else happens.

Flash Forward (Thursday 8PM EST, ABC)

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