Flash Forward: I Didn't See Bryce/Nicole!

So this week's episode of Flash Forward was pretty awesome, even if there wasn't any sign of Bryce/Nicole (in my shipper fantasy, they were off having coffee and counting pennies from 1989). There was plenty of Demetri/Zoey so I loved every minute of it. Zoey spent most of her time working the problem of Dem being killed in the future and trying to stop it. Of course, as she's scared out of her mind of loosing him, she's cutting a deal with batshit terrorist chica to get the info. And I totally get that & adore her for it. Of course, she also spent a lot of time ticking off Dem & Wedek. Yeah, it wasn't pretty and way tense. Yikes!

It seems this back half of the season has picked up in intensity but still has hallmarks of things that were fairly awesome from the first part. It was a happy reminder to see Demetri and Janis kick back with a couple beers and talk. I'd completely forgotten they're close friends since their academy days. Loved that. Marc and Lloyd continued down their awkward path revolving around D. Gibbons, the Q.E.D & the possible future Olivia swap. This is most painful to witness, btw.

I don't trust Vogel any further than I can throw him & I don't see that changing any time soon. Dude is just sketchy, but he annoys Mark so that's reason enough for him to remain. Wedek is still stressed out and one of my favorite people trying to wrangle his agents and get something done. Aaron had some lapse in judgment I've yet to understand & divulged Tracy's whereabouts to her ex-guy and the next thing we know, Tracy's put in a box and shipped out. No literally, she was put in a cardboard box, sealed up & sent on her way! Aaron had a whole epic arc thing happening after that & I'm pretty sure that next we see him, he'll be traversing Khandahar to get his girl back. Oh it's so on!

So basically, I'm hoping the show scores a renew because I'm loving it & can't wait for next week. Hopefully Bryce & Nicole will be on screen having a coffee or a sweet chat over some pennies or medical supplies. I'm not too picky. ;)

Flash Forward (Thursday 8PM EST, ABC)

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  1. I do love this show at the moment & Bryce/Nicole are about the only two people with any happiness going on... which is odd considering he's got terminal cancer. I've missed seeing Keiko (I know she's not a regular cast member) so it was great seeing her in the most recent episode though I'm not happy about what they did to her. :(