And We're Back!!

Summer isn't over yet but it feels like it is. Time to get back to the 'tique and this seriously neglected blog. It's going to be changed up a bit though. I'm thinking a little more television chat.

And speaking of television... Flashforward was cancelled. And honestly, I can't say I was upset. As I said from the outset, it had some awesome and some severely cringeworthy. Apparently, many found the awesome not enough to excuse the cringeworthy and I can't blame them. In storylines I cared about, Janis and Demetri made a baby behind Zoey's back. Zoey, understandably found this to be a damper on the wedding plans & relationship in general with Demetri. She headed off to Hawaii for some sun & solace. And Bryce, went stunningly and infuriatingly stupid a mere 4 hours before the time seen in the flashes and tells Nicole he's been mistaken, he's not in love with her, it's all about Keiko. Mind you, this is after plenty of time spent kissing Nicole & not giving a thought to Keiko for quite a while. This of course had the terrible consequence of cancelling out the good feelings of the original flash with Keiko because now we know that Bryce is a raging asshat. Luckily, Nicole didn't die, so there was that. But Keiko didn't get any actual lines to say when she finally met Bryce, so that kinda sucked. It closes out with much love for the women in love with Bryce & hopes that both of them would have totally gotten over him in subsequent seasons. I was always pulling for Emil/Keiko anyway. Flashforward giveth & taketh away & so did ABC. I think we're all better for the latter.

I'm currently back onto Mad Men & now Rubicon (loving this one). More on those later. And I'm eagerly awaiting the new season of Sons of Anarchy. Against my better judgment I'm going to give NBC's The Event a try. I'm telling myself now that I'm not going to care or like it too much, so I don't feel burned when the cancellation edict comes down. *sigh*

Now, to 'tique business, there's tons to come including new designs and really great photos of them. This bit will take days but do stay tuned.

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