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OpheliaOphelia by Lisa M. Klein

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hamlet is my favorite work of Shakespeare & I always found Ophelia fascinating & wanted to know more about her. That's why this story caught my eye. In short, this did not fulfill my longing. I literally arrived at the end & realized that for all that Ophelia told me, I felt absolutely nothing & no connection to her. I had not expected that & I find that I'm disappointed to be left so blank. That I felt more for Ophelia in the little we get of her, by comparison, in the original than I do here where she speaks from start to finish is jarring. I found that the writing was just fine but there was no passion to the story. Some of the other portrayals seemed a bit off from the original but I was able to allow those & not let them hold me back in enjoyment. Possibly my expectations were too high. I came in wanting to know who Ophelia was & I finished in the same place so I've neither lost nor gained.

About the Kindle edition: typos abound. Don't say you weren't warned.

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