Just Finished Reading: Seattle on Ice

Seattle on IceSeattle on Ice by Mike Attebery

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's snowing in Seattle, there's corruption at every turn & Ransom needs a good meal. This was a fun read for a weekend. A cop trying to keep witnesses safe for a big trial the next day is difficult enough but our cop, Ransom is having to do so in a snow storm of epic proportions not knowing who he can trust & on a very tense run. The action was vivd & very much like watching a movie (especially the library & market chases). The characters were well drawn & honestly, I was very much a fan of all the food references. I wanted a bowl of Mrs. Ransom's beef stew with warm bread (no offense to the divine osso bucco or onion tartlet). When your cop is channelling Martha Stewart-isms to get him through his travails, I think that's pretty special. This isn't going to change your life or anything but it is darned entertaining. I suggest having good food & wine nearby. I would read another book with Ransom as the main character.

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