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The Second DuchessThe Second Duchess by Elizabeth Loupas

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I loved this! From beginning to end I was caught up in the mystery & suspense. I wasn't sure Barbara would survive it all & I long wanted to give Alfonso a good thrashing in kind. I laughed at the tone & tellings immobili Lucrezia &some of the others in court at Ferrara.The characters of Barbara, Alfonso & Lucrezia all evolve in a believable way. It was all well done in the telling. I won't give up the ending because it's too good & must be read for oneself. It's worth it! Trust me.

I read this after reading Gabrielle Kimm's His Last Duchess & must say that I love both portrayals of Lucrezia offered. I like not having to decide which is so but I must say that I understood Alfonso a lot more in this book. I wanted to understand him more fully in the other book, so I feel sated on all accounts. I am hoping tha the author does write another story with Barbara & Alfonso as she mentioned in her interview at the end of the book. She handled them so expertly, I would love to spend more time with them.

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