Re: reading deferred by family takeover

I'm behind on my reading but should be back to it by week's end. That's my Kindle & paperback copy of The Lover (I adore that book cover; from a seller on Etsy) in the picture. I've been toting them around for two weeks now & made little to no progress on either. It's pretty much summer so that means visiting relatives & travel but I have to admit that I miss my books. Somehow, I always have time to read during vacay with the hubs (though he's usually taking time to get his reading in as well lol ).
In television excitement, the new Dallas begins on TNT this week! I've caught up on some major story points from the first one through my Mom & OnDemand so I can't wait. Also, I need to catch Longmire & catch up on The Client List, The Killing & Magic City.
In crochet news, I think I may need to stop doing custom orders & just go with ready made items. I want to get back to writing & the custom requests really cut into my available time. More to ponder on that, but that's where I'm leaning.

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