Book Review: 2032 by A.S. Anand

20322032 by A.S. Anand
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Summary:  The year is 2032. After a series of catastrophic disasters, the Global Government is formed and transforms the world into identical metropolises called Sectors.

This dystopian novel focuses on fifty days during a tumultuous year in the Earth’s history. The reader is taken on an enthralling journey that sheds light on the disintegration of all aspects of society: from assassins to suicidal football managers, from death lotteries to megalomaniac architects.

I read the short 2032- 7 Days by this author as a prelude to this & I have to say that I think that really worked out for the best. It gave me a taste of the format & a glimpse of the world of 2032. The story is told in fifty short stories/vignettes from the perspective of as many different people. It's a broad look at a society that is everything from farcical to downright horrific but throughout is quite interesting. When trying to review the whole there really is no way to explain it in usual terms as it's not a story told that way. I do wish there were chapter titles (or sub-titles) so that it would make for simpler differentiation. The dates are not terribly memorable & I found that I began ignoring them altogether just to get on to the next story. Quite a few of the stories made me wish for greater expansion on the characters & I wanted to know what next happened to them & while I was of course, left to want & wonder, that is the way this work is told. I accept it & must admit that I found that as intriguing as the shorts themselves.

I would advise reading the short collection of 7 stories in 2032- 7 Days first to really get a feel for what the author is doing in this longer work & if it suits you or compels you to want to know more, then move to this one. Also, there are some typos sprinkled throughout which disturbed the flow a bit (I've seen worse though). I can see how this way of story telling isn't for everyone but I found it refreshing & very entertaining.

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