Adventures In Scarves & Summer Reading

It's August & once again I'm crocheting up a storm of cuddly scarves & hats for the coming cooler weather (yes, that pic up there  is of my working pile for the day. riveting, i know). I never feel ahead but it is fun to work through my yarn stash. The feeling of accomplishment is pretty fantastic. It also frees up space... well, if I'm honest, it really only gives me license to buy more yarn. ;)

I'm still trundling through my summer reading list, so  there are more reviews to come. I've been on a sci-fi tear lately but I'll mix it up a bit more after the book I'm reading right now. I've some fetching historical fiction I've been dying to get to. And speaking of historical fiction, I'm in deep Downton Abbey withdrawal. I think I need to find some fiction of the time to get my fix. Recs or ideas?

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