Shoemint "Heather" Equestrian Boots Review

They just arrived in the post yesterday afternoon and all I can say is
that they were worth having to wait the extra time to get them. The
Heather boots are just perfection. The detail on them is quite nice
and they are seriously soft. I want to pet these boots, they're so
buttery. I was a little worried that they would feel heavy and clunky
but they don't at all. They're just perfect. I am glad that I waited
to see if Shoemint was going to offer an equestrian boot for the
season because of all the ones I've looked at, these are just right
for me. I'm on the shorter side of Hobbits and they don't make me look
stubby. I may not be cutting a Lady Mary in full riding regalia figure
a-la-Downton-Abby but, I could seriously mount up in these lovelies
and I wouldn't worry about if they could take time spent in the tack
room. They'll be heading to the mountains with me this fall, not just
hanging in bookstores and Starbucks in the burbs.

I still haven't plunged into Shoemint's handbag offerings because (I
have to be honest here), I find them mostly uninspired. They're cute
but that's about it. There's nothing "fall down on the floor & die for
it" about them. Also, where is the leather?! The bags with just
leather accents on canvas & scuba material are cute but aren't
tempting me to the point of purchase. And the PVC fold over clutch
didn't pull me in either. I'm hoping that since they went big with all
leather boot offerings that cost 2 credits, they'll up their game and
try that with the handbags.

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