Review: This Same Earth

This Same Earth
This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great second entry into this series & no typos here. The story picks up and we find that Giovanni as exiled himself from Beatrice's life by pretty much freezing her out. He sends her occasional plane tickets to visit the house in Chile but he never responds to her messages or anything. This goes on for five, almost six years. It's hard on Beatrice but we get to see her grow in many ways & that was great. Her interests, confidence, career & personal relationships flourish in a good way, even though she hasn't forgotten Giovanni. Her hurt was well crafted & with that pulling against her growth, it was bittersweet to read. I really loved that.

Then Giovanni returns & most of the story is about the two reconnecting as friends and moving forward to more. Again, as in the first book, this all feels very organic and real. The depth to the characters doesn't falter here and I was glad of that. I was hoping for more action & involvement in the search for Stephen, Lorenzo's return & they mystery of the books but there are two more installments so I can live with it. They mystery is very engaging & I can't get enough of that. That alone is quite the page-turner for me.

Carywn was fantastic & is one of my favorites of the supporting characters. Deidre was fascinating as well & certainly provided a good bit of perspective for Beatrice. The addition of Benjamin caught me by surprise because I so quickly found him a needed character. I like the added dimension he adds to Giovanni. We know Giovanni raised Caspar but now in this book we get to see him in this capacity & that was quite nice. The epilogue actually made me teary.

I have the next book on my Kindle already so... must get on to that.

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