Review: Her Royal Spyness

Her Royal Spyness
Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

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Being a minor royal isn't easy...

I read the introductory novella e-special to begin this series & this is the first actual book in the series. I have to admit that it's a very easy read & that was part of the charm & draw I had to the series. Georgie is delightful & very funny. I was thrilled when Darcy finally showed up & as he was prominently featured in the short, I already liked him & was rooting for he & Georgie. I also was pretty sure that he wasn't the threat or shady dealer Tristram cautioned Georgie about. I imagine that if I hadn't read the novella, my opinion on Darcy would have been more of a question mark. Just the same, I enjoyed Georgie's perspective coming to know him.

The main mystery (HRH is worried about Mrs.Simpson) is done well enough & isn't too serious. This is cozy not some deep dark mystery but I must admit that everything else was so well done that I never felt that aspect was taking too long in its arrival. Georgie embarking on a career as a maid that opens up houses was fun as well as dealing with Binky (a chore in and of itself) & the real murder mystery that is tied to Castle Rannoch's ownership. I liked Georgie's Granddad & wanted to set her mother's hair on fire as she was such a pain. I will read the rest of this series for sure (I already own the next two books in the series) & recommend this for a good book to bring along when travelling or over a weekend. Lots of fun.

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