Book Review: Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher: 47North

Summary:  Reporter Emily Baxter has a great job, an apartment in Manhattan, and a boyfriend she loves. All that changes the day the red rain falls from a cloudless sky. Just hours after the first reports from Europe, humanity is on the brink of extinction, wiped from the face of the earth in a few bloody moments, leaving Emily alone in an empty city. As she struggles to grasp the magnitude of her situation, Emily becomes the final witness to the end of our world… and the birth of a terrifying new one. 

The world she knew and loved is dead and gone. Now Emily must try to find a way out of New York as the truth behind the red rain is revealed: the earth no longer belongs to humanity.

I picked this one up on my Kindle a bit ago & decided to give it a go. For some reason I was thinking it was post-apocalyptic zombies but alas it was better. It was alien invasion! It's been a while since I've read a good alien story so I was thrilled as the story unfolded. We follow Emily, who is seemingly the lone human survivor in NYC after a strange weather phenomena & it's through her eyes that we experience everything that comes with that. One would think that being the last human would be the worst thing to contemplate but then you realize it's not when the metamorphoses begin. And when that seems like the worst, it's not, the things that result from the metamorphoses start running around. All I can say is, it was icky, creepy & I loved every minute. I want to complain about her not checking Twitter & FB more quickly or thinking to get the hell out of the city faster but then there'd be no story & things wouldn't have been able to unfold as they had to. Also, I completely bought the emotional toll this whole thing took on Emily & her desire to hold on just a little longer to her familiar surroundings.

I've pre-ordered the next book because I need to know how Em & Thor will make out. Maybe there'll be others to meet along the way of this trip to Alaska. Also, I am looking forward to Jacob & the rest of the people at the base camp possibly having new information to impart. In the whole book, I think there were only three typos, so no complaints on the usual indie "strikes against" list. Well done!

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