Review: To Seduce an Earl

To Seduce an Earl
To Seduce an Earl by Lori Brighton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was looking for something light & frothy & this fit the bill. I'd call it fairytale fluff. Super angsty but pays off in the end. In order to get the man (& security) she's been pining for, Grace needs to acquire some experience so after what begins as a humorous initial meeting, she forges ahead with Alex, our hero/brothel attendant. I liked the set up of the story & found it a fun read. It's not a new trope but it was well done & I liked Grace & Alex so much that it kept me reading. Earl Roderick was not as deeply drawn a character to ever rival Alex for me, so I mostly ignored him. Lady Lavender is a piece of work & I didn't like her from the start. Also, I wanted Alex to find his way out of this terrible situation he found himself in & for his family to be understanding. Grace's brother, John, I wanted to be left to absolutely nothing & sequestered in Debtor's Prison for his complete disregard for his family & entitled nature. There was, of course, a satisfying ending & good set up for the next in the series and I'm interested enough in Gideon (though more in James).

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