Review: Dead To Me

Dead To Me
Dead To Me by Cath Staincliffe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a big fan of the show Scott & Bailey so I devoured this prequel novel to the show. First in a series, I thought it was a good introduction to the main women we follow (Janet, Rachel & Gill) & there was great expansion on background of these ladies that is only mentioned in passing on the show (season 1) or alluded to. It was all fantastic & just fit so well with what is already known on screen. I laughed & rolled my eyes & enjoyed watching Rachel getting her bearings with the team. Janet is steady as always but that whole thing with Andy was good to get the low down on. I learnt the most about Gill & that was really cool because on the show, so much of her past hadn't been mentioned. The main case the MIT worked on was pretty interesting & it never got boring following the procedural stuff. I was pretty sure I'd figured out the killer's identity but there were still twists & turns that I hadn't seen coming along the way. The tension was built & held taut & true throughout. The supporting characters were well drawn & not just stock or flat. I was so eager to read this that I bought my copy on Amazon's UK site (it's not available on Kindle in the US) & likely will very soon buy the next in the series as well. Love this series.

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