Book Review: Exodus (Extinction Point #2) by Paul Antony Jones

Exodus by Paul Antony Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher: 47North

Summary:  Reporter Emily Baxter survived the alien red rain that blanketed and annihilated the human race. But after the downpour, and the lethal contagion it spread, came an even greater horror: the rampant transformation of the dead into something utterly unearthly.

With a terrifying new form of life emerging from the mutated landscape, Emily’s only hope is to flee toward distant Alaska where she can unite with the survivors who have reached out to her from a remote science facility. The journey from New York will be long and painstaking, and Emily has only her faithful dog and whatever she can carry. But, after discovering a small family of refugees along the way, Emily’s determination to escape the unfolding catastrophe and carve out a new future is renewed. Standing in their way are Earth’s new masters, equally determined to survive and thrive, and possessed of monstrous capabilities Emily and her allies can’t begin to imagine…until they’re face to face with the hideous reality.

In the battle about to begin, there will be no room for mistakes or mercy—only the most ruthless instincts to survive.

I really enjoyed this followup to Extinction & the way it left off definitely has me anticipating the final installment. We pick right up with Emily, joined by Thor, on her way to meet James in Alaska. She runs into a family still in their home when she reaches Styvesant, NY & I was really surprised by how much of the story took place there. James & the Commander of the ISS conference call with Emily to explain to her the urgency of getting out of her location as the red storm is swiftly approaching her location & it added to the overall suspense as time ticked away & the situation spiraled & became ever more dangerous. The escape was narrow enough that I was worried about the trip to Alaska being put off for a time indeterminate but alas that was not the case. The instances of death were well done & I was surprised how much I felt for those characters as they were not around very long. Very well done. Also, I loved the big surprises upon Emily & Co. reaching Alaska & the final destination. I don't know what's to come but I look forward to reading the next one.

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