kitchen challenge: week 3

My kitchen challenge rolls on! I made quiche & a green salad for
dinner last night. I happily was able to use up a package of fresh
broccoli & a good bit of bacon, along with that bag of shredded
Emmentaler cheese & some lingering slices of Swiss that were in my
refrigerator. I do still have an entire block of Swiss cheese in my
refrigerator but I haven't yet decided what I'll do with it. Franks &
beans were also featured during the long holiday weekend & were simple
& quickly finished off. I may cook dinner tonight as I don't think
there's much in the way of leftovers but I have no idea what dinner
may be. One thing's for sure, there's plenty in my kitchen to choose
from. It's a task of privilege, to be sure.

In other blog type news, new crochet & book reviews are on the way as
there has been much crocheting & reading happening. I'm also working
out the details on a giveaway (of the cozy wearable variety) so stay

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