Review: Dark Tide

Dark Tide
Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Into the Darkest Corner but I never felt the spark for Genevieve or the suspense that I was supposed to be getting here. Honestly, this didn't feel very suspenseful. Also, the flashback device annoyed me after a bit because it felt repetitive & I didn't particularly need Genevieve to tell me over & over why she danced at the club or how awesome her dancer skills are on that pole. Be a stripper, make that money & do your thing & I'll raise a manicured fist with you in sisterly solidarity but don't keep underlining it because now it comes off like you're trying to justify your choices. I didn't need Gen's justifications, all I really wanted to know was who killed Caddy. Seriously. I didn't even take long for me not to care about her relationship with Dylan. I did very much enjoy the parts that took place at the river with the other people who lived on their boats. I thought the descriptions of all that & Gen's boat, were the best part. In the end, this one was just okay but in no way will keep me from reading more from Elizabeth Haynes.

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