Book Review: Revelations (Extinction Point #3) by Paul Antony Jones

Revelations by Paul Antony Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher: 47North

Summary:  There is nowhere left to run. In the wake of the deadly plague that virtually annihilated the human race, a vast red jungle teeming with alien creatures and lethal plants is devouring Earth, swallowing buildings whole and ruthlessly decimating what life remains. A witness to the terrifying transformation, survivor Emily Baxter thinks the odds against humanity can’t get any worse.

She is wrong.

The next volume in the thrilling Extinction Point series, Revelations takes a humanity on the brink of devastation…and throws it over the edge!

Finale's are always tricky for me. Actually, most series are tricky for me. If I love the first enough to rush to pre-order the second and love the second enough to pre-order the third, I've some pretty high confidence in the story and the author telling it. So when the book falls short of expectations of epic, I don't know if it's me and my expectations or that the story really didn't close out in the best way. That's how I feel after reading this one. I didn't feel the excitement of the first two, nor did I feel that the denouement (of the series or even this book alone) was all that I'd hoped for. I won't spoil it but actual revelations didn't happen until the 86% mark on my Kindle. The great majority of the story was the buildup of Emily's new companions (Mac, the submarine captain, especially) and descriptions of the new red flora and fauna. I liked everything in Alaska and the arrival in Port Loma but I admit that the Las Vegas tour fell a bit flat for me (with the exception of the crumbling buildings descriptions). Rhiannon wasn't much in this story and when she was, she never came alive as she had in the previous book.

As to the revelation of who and why this all happened, it wasn't what I expected so, points for surprising me. Also, I don't know if I felt let down because I wanted something bigger to happen or if the ending is sublime because the author chose to end the story in an unexpected way. This will get three stars from me because it was enjoyable just not in the same way as the preceding two and as a reader, I try to always remember that the story ending that I wanted isn't always the story the author's been telling all along (so no angry screed from me). I'll definitely read more from the author because he really had me with the series in general.

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