Book Review: Defenders by Will McIntosh

Defenders by Will McIntosh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Orbit

Summary:   The invaders came to claim earth as their own, overwhelming us with superior weapons and the ability to read our minds like open books. 
Our only chance for survival was to engineer a new race of perfect soldiers to combat them. Seventeen feet tall, knowing and loving nothing but war, their minds closed to the aliens. 
But these saviors could never be our servants. And what is done cannot be undone.

I really enjoyed this one. This is the third book by Will McIntosh that I've read and he's quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. I'm the one who always wondered what the hell the Republic was going to do with all those clones should they win. The humans in Battlestar Galactica got far more than they bargained for when they created the Cylons. Jurassic Park was less exciting and fun for humans once the exhibits sought to dine on the visitors. The scientists in the show Manhattan are racing Heisenberg in creation of an atomic weapon in hopes of ending war but having no idea of the actual consequences & impact on humanity it will make long after they're gone. I love stories where humans set out to create something and are faced with realizing that they never had control of their creations to begin with and now have to devise a way to deal with the consequences or more simply, survive them. Defenders was a great story that delved deeply into that and turned on its head the idea of friend, ally, foe and enemy. In the resolution none are wholly good or evil and there's a good measure of fear and distrust held by Luyten and human. I'd recommend this to fans of such scifi stories and fans of McIntosh. I'll surely read his next offering.

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