Review: Icicles Like Kindling by Sara Raasch

Icicles Like Kindling
Icicles Like Kindling by Sara Raasch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher: Epic Reads

Summary:   Icicles Like Kindling is a glimpse into Meira’s life before the events of Snow Like Ashes that was originally going to serve as the prologue to the book. In it, you will get a taste of the kingdom of Autumn, meet some of Meira’s fellow refugees, and get an introduction to the wicked danger that will soon plague them…

As I am just about to read Snow Like Ashes, I figured the beginning is the proper place to begin. I read this on EpicReads. It's prologue length not novella or short story and feels very much like it belongs at the beginning of a book. I liked meeting the characters who I'm pretty sure will be important in the actual book so I'm off to read it.

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