Book Review: The Red Book of Primrose House (A Potting Shed Mystery) by Marty Wingate

The Red Book of Primrose House: A Potting Shed Mystery by Marty Wingate
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Alibi

Summary:   Pru Parke has her dream job: head gardener at an eighteenth-century manor house in Sussex. The landscape for Primrose House was laid out in 1806 by renowned designer Humphry Repton in one of his meticulously illustrated Red Books, and the new owners want Pru to restore the estate to its former glory—quickly, as they’re planning to showcase it in less than a year at a summer party.

But life gets in the way of the best laid plans: When not being happily distracted by the romantic attentions of the handsome Inspector Christopher Pearse, Pru is digging into the mystery of her own British roots. Still, she manages to make considerable progress on the vast grounds—until vandals wreak havoc on each of her projects. Then, to her horror, one of her workers is found murdered among the yews. The police have a suspect, but Pru is certain they’re wrong. Once again, Pru finds herself entangled in a thicket of evil intentions—and her, without a hatchet.

A good installment to this cozy mystery series. I still like Pru even if her seeming inability to have a plan for when things go pear shaped due to her nosiness, irritates me. I liked the growth of her relationship with Christopher & also the revelations she found on her continues quest for her English roots. I'm not sure why she displays not only no interest in her American father's line but seems almost apologetic over it but still, it was nice to see her explore her mother's family ties in her chosen heartland. The characters were fairly well done except for the actual murderer. That was pretty thin but alas it doesn't matter since they're our baddie. I thought Pru's employers, Davina & her husband (he was so absent a character that I didn't commit his name to memory) were interesting and understood how Pru's was both frustrated with them but also found them ultimately endearing. I very much enjoy this series though I'm not Pru's peer (I don't know why but I always picture Pru & Christopher as younger than they are in the books) or know a thing about gardening. I look forward to the next in the series.

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