Book Review: The Runaway Countess by Amanda McCabe

The Runaway Countess by Amanda McCabe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Harlequin

Summary:  In Society's eyes, Hayden Fitzwalter, Earl of Ramsay and Jane Bancroft have the perfect marriage. But what can't be seen are the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Believing Hayden will never renounce his dissolute ways, Jane flees to her family's dilapidated estate in the country. Three years later & faced with an official dissolution of their union, Hayden now longs to win back the only woman who has ever touched his heart. But first he has to convince her that this rogue is ready to be tamed.

This was a quick read and a bit predictable but I'm still glad that I read it (it's been on my TBR pile too long & I was having a reading weekend). I always pull for the estranged married couples to work things out and get back together. It was a bit maddening that Hayden was such a wreck as a husband but it did make it totally understandable when Jane left him. I was amazed it took him so long to get off his duff and go after her but at least he finally did. I also liked the relationship between the sisters. I'll likely read the next book.

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