Book Review: The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello

The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster UK

Summary:   Imogen and her friends have had their fill of budget holidays, cattle-class flights and 6 a.m. offensives for a space by the pool.
So when one of the group wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona's hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set, party with the glitterati and switch off in surroundings of unapologetic luxury.
But as they mingle with movie stars, mafia bosses and millionaires, it becomes clear - with riotous consequences - that even in the most glamorous of locations, things can go wrong. Very wrong . . .

I enjoyed this as I was in the mood for a beachy read. I'll chalk it up to some unseasonably warm May weather. It was light and fun for the most part but I did think the work intruding on Imogen's vacation became tedious over time. It was just excessive as was the amount of bodily calamity that befell her. I think 30-40 pages of this alone could be culled just to do away with some of that so it's not so overbearing. I liked Nicola most but she had hardly any story and I was sorry she felt more like an afterthought. I liked Meredith at the beginning, didn't much as time wore on but liked her lots by the end. There were some very charming and witty things in the story & I think Costello has a way with both. I'd read another book by her & would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a book to take on summer vacation. On the beach or to pass time in the airport, this isn't a bad way to pass the time. I picked up a copy at Alibris.

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