my first #bookishbox has made me a happy chica. . . . . . the Game of Thrones bangle by @thegeekycauldron is my definite favorite item. the Tolkien quote shirt struck at my bookish heart as well so @appraisingpages won me there. i look forward to sampling @passivejuicemotel Saphira Eragon Blend coffee with the hubs. the antler headband by @nightanddaybaby is too cute & also too small for a girl with a sizeable brainpan like me so.. it's a giftable to a smaller skulled friend. the crossbody Mortal Instruments quote bag by @fictiontea is cute & ranks high on usability but truly didn't grab me likely because (as i've mentioned before) my ya reads are far & few between these days & not only haven't i read TMI, i'm not likely to. on the upside, i at least have another plucky giftable should i need one for a friend who is all over that fandom. all in all, this is a great #subscriptionbox & i look forward to my next one. #bookstagram #blog #bookswag #bookbox #moneywellspent

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