Book Review: The Galaxy Chronicles by Jeff Seymour

The Galaxy Chronicles by Jeff Seymour
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher: Windrift Books

Summary:   Space. Some call it the ultimate frontier. Humans are the verge of breaking its bonds with Earth and reaching other planets, other worlds, other galaxies. And when we do, will we go forth in peace? Or take with us our conflicts, our battles, our wars? 

In this latest title in the acclaimed 'Future Chronicles' series of speculative fiction anthologies, twelve authors take us on that incredible journey with adventurers, colonists, and space marines as they push the boundaries against the unknown, against alien empires, and themselves. 

I have just about all of The Future Chronicles and have very much enjoyed them. This installment is no exception. I've three favorites from this one and by favorites, I mean, I want to read longer works from these authors, hopefully within the worlds presented here. Excelsior by Jasper Scott pulled me in and I'm still wondering what's going on on both sides of that wormhole. Apogee by G.S. Jennsen was another compelling read. And Keep Off the Grass has me wondering what's next for Giraffe, a guy who goes seeking water on a comet, runs into some Heaven's Gate type cult & winds up with a solution to his water problem and a new job he hasn't asked for by a mysterious ship's captain. As always, these collections are great for introduction to authors that aren't new, just new to me. I've still one or two books more waiting on my Kindle & I'm still all in on this series. Definitely recommended for fans of science fiction & open to finding new worlds in small bites.

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