Book Review: Let's Play Dead (Museum #2) by Shelia Connolly

Let's Play Dead by Sheila Connolly
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Berkley

Summary:   The new exhibit at the Philadelphia children's museum, Let's Play, isn't meant to be shocking-but when one of the installers is zapped with a fatal electrical charge, it's up to Nell to put her detective skills on display.

This time Nell's on the case of a death at the children's museum, Let's Play and sadly, this wasn't the cracking mystery the first in the series was. Funnily enough, the investigation into the death worried me a lot less than Nell's hiring practices. After the terrible experience the Society had in the first book, I'd have thought they've be vetting all new hires up one side and down the other but alas, just about anyone who showed up on their doorstep was hired just on the "good feeling" of Nell. Her recognition of her poor judgement on character and integrity from the first book disappeared here so I wasted a lot of time thinking it'd come into play in the main mystery but it didn't. It didn't even feel like a red herring, it just made Nell look a bit dim. Not great, in your sleuthing heroines. I do think the behind the scenes look at the running of the museum's was still well done here, so that was to the good.

I'm going to say if you're reading the series, you can likely skip this one and continue just fine. There are new hires at the Preservation Society and little movement on Nell's relationship with James so you're not missing anything that'll prevent understanding future books. I'll definitely read the next in the series.

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