Book Review: House of Cards (Francis Urquhart #1) by Michael Dobbs

House of Cards by Michael Dobbs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Publisher:  Harper Collins Fontana

Summary:  The bestselling political thriller that introduced the scheming Francis Urguhart - the most memorable politician of the last decade.

Francis Urquhart is Chief Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics - and is willing to betray them all to become Prime Minister. 

Mattie Storin is a tenacious young political correspondent. She faces the biggest challenge of her life when she stumbles upon a scandalous web of intrigue and financial corruption at the very highest levels. She is determined to reveal the truth, but she must risk everything to do so . . .

I never saw the new series but recalled that my father watched the original, so I figured I should get around to this series. Wow! I must say that I very much enjoyed this novel & Francis Urquhart is captivating and seriously petrifying. I was all over the place with Mattie but ended up simply pitying her because she wanted to believe up to the very end. Roger was hapless and pathetic but I still hoped he’d make it but I knew he couldn’t. Mrs Urquhart gets total points for being just about as chilling a person as her husband. They’re perfect for one another. I very much enjoyed this one & have to admit that it’s not often one runs across so memorable a character. I wholly see what all the chatter was about & why an American version of the UK series was done.

This was a fascinating & absorbing read. I wish it were available on Kindle but I’m glad that a raid of the bookshelves at my parent’s had a copy. There was also a copy of To Play the King, so I’ll have to read that soon. I’d recommend this one, definitely.

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