Book Review: A Clue in the Stew (Soup Lover's Mystery #5) by Connie Archer

A Clue in the Stew by Connie Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publisher: Berkley

Lucky's got another pile of drama on her hands in this fifth book in the Soup Lover's Mystery series.

The main mystery this time was a twist one but I have to say that I really liked the villains chosen this time. It felt like there were more than the usual side stories and sidelines, I cared about them in varying degrees. Still, I felt this wasn't the best book in the series. This felt like the end of the series, with all the threads of the series tied up (the Ambien that is the love story between Lucky & Elias, the best couple by default, Sage & Sophie, and Grandpa Jack's health & romantic prospects). If so, I'm thrilled to have a completed series under my belt because though I begin many, I've finished few. I'll miss the recipes, as they've given me some great things to try and some even better ideas. For this book, the corn cakes are what I'll be adding to my recipe list. I'd read another series by Connie Archer as I very much enjoyed the setting (Snowflake, VT, I'll miss you!). Recommended for fans of the series.

Summary:  When Lucky Jamieson opens up By the Spoonful to host an event with a famous author, she’s not expecting a bunch of nuts to descend on her small-town soup shop. But the author’s exasperating entourage—from a prickly publicist to a snippy son and his tipsy wife—give fresh meaning to the phrase, too many cooks spoil the broth.
 The evening is more than spoiled, however, when it ends with a homicide. When the manner of the murder—as well as another recent unsolved crime—echoes the author’s fiction, Police Chief Nate Edgerton realizes he has a copycat killer on his hands. And Lucky hopes that one of her regular customers who has mysteriously gone missing isn’t involved. Once again, the soup shop owner will need to stir up some clues to find her friend and catch a cunning killer—before things really take a tureen for the worse...

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